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Thursday, February 08, 2007

If I don't come back

it is because I don't want "the new blogger." So go ahead and say you'd miss me. Oh, right, you won't, because I was never any kind of friend to you, huh? I was actually thinking today about a more personal post but this stupid "new blogger" rubbish has made me feel pretty crabby about the whole effort.
But I also wanted to share some cool mugs I found. Dunoon makes some really cool mugs and they have become an obsession with me. I was wishing for a mate to one very cool mug I have and so I googled the brand stamped on the bottom. Voila! And then I discovered that another mug in my cupboard (my very favorite mug!) is also made by Dunoon. I want all of them except the cat, zodiac and sport ones. Tell me you are hooked too?
Mmh. One more thing. I hate winter.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Parenting Observations

1. "Catching up on sleep," "Going to bed early," and "Sleeping late" are all myths.
If the neighbors don't start their pulsing music to interrupt one of these activities, your child will interrupt this foolish behavior. Why on earth would any child want a sane and well rested parent, after all!?*

2. If most of your child's jammies are in the hamper (due to assorted breakfast embellishments), expect a night time accident. If you have been so foolish that day as to change the sheets for no reason, you are seriously asking for trouble. Bonus points if it is cold and you are in the habit of layering jammies. Heaven forbid we have a backup pair on hand. ("Yes, I know these are day clothes, but trust me, you can -and will- sleep in them.")

(*Mild exaggeration for effect, since we do get a reasonable amount of sleep most of the time.)

Friday, January 26, 2007


Last night the Eager Helper delivered this gem of a soliloquy: "In the morning I'm going to talk to the Pastry People. But they won't say anything, they will just buy stuff. Turkey and cheese and Cream of Wheat."

The Pastry People?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Photo

Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Photo

I did more in December than make (and eat) cookies. I made doll clothes for the Eager Helper's Christmas present. Two dresses (the red one is sleeveless), two panties, a pair of jammies and a bonnet.
I wish the shot were more overhead to better show off the details, but you'll have to use your imagination. They were quite a lot of work and fun. No, I am not ready to go into business. This kind of craftiness I do only for love. The Eager Helper is thrilled with them and I congratulate myself with how they are helping her develop fine motor skills as well as the unheard of skills called patience and perseverance.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If this post has a point, I promise it isn't "let go and have fun"

So, I've been doing that whole, "I've been away from my blog to long, what do I post about first?" thing. Here's a break for you, we'll just pretend I was never gone. Not that we are back to Purple Programming since I'm not sure I even remember what that is. Plus, I have an allergy attack/cold/death spell going on here.
But what I wanted to blog about today was this:
1) The Eager Helper comes running into the kitchen with her toy dishes. She holds up a fork and a plate and asks, "Does the fork go on the right or the left?" I show her which is the left side of the plate and she runs happily back to set up her tea party. Except she runs back and forth asking about each piece. Later, when I go into her room and notice absolutely correct place settings for each attendee, I feel a pang of guilt along with the pride. Yes, I want her to be smart and observant, but I was hoping that OCD was not hereditary.

2) Speaking of OCD, the Eager Helper really isn't all that bad. For example, she uses a napkin during mealtime, but not fastidiously. I think there is a certain crumb count that she finds acceptable, as well as a certain level of stickiness. That said, there are some crafts she doesn't get terribly enthusiastic about in an immediate way. Okay. This segue isn't working and I can't keep setting the scenario up so I'll switch gears and just dive right in. We recently checked Apples, Apples, Apples out from the library, and in it, the little girl bunny makes a stamp from an apple core. We tried it today and it was a big hit. Except that I used finger paint to dip the "stamp" in and it was too thick. So it turned into "apple" painting, as she swabbed the little stamp around the paper. And since I try very hard to let craft time be creative (instead of being my usual controlling self) I let her go with the painting. And then as she seemed uncertain about the paint getting on her hands I realized that this was a great way to work her into finger painting at her own pace. I half-heartedly wiped her fingers when she asked me to and she did eventually get caught up in painting enough not to mind so much. And then we had less paint so the stamp started "stamping" a little better and then she was finger painting and then hand painting! Guess what? It didn't hurt either of us to make a mess and have some fun.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quiz of the stressed desserts

Q. The number of calories I consume in one day is determined by:
a) the number and quality of hours I spend alone with the
Jabber Box Eager Helper.
b) the number of words uttered by the
Jabber Box Eager Helper.
c) the number of extra nano-seconds my husband works.

A. The choices are too simplistic. An equation is needed!! (a+b) x (c+n)= 1/2 the calories consumed in a day - chocolate calories. (Where n is the number of pounds I currently need to lose.) I apologize for the poor . . . syntax? of the equation.

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