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Thursday, May 25, 2006

In the Oven and on the Table

Monday: Made whole wheat tortillas with my little helper. Chicken and Beef Enchiladas with Red Chili Sauce for dinner with green beans.
Tuesday: Made Beth Hensperger's "Bagel Bread." It doesn't really taste or feel bagel-like to me but it is still yummy. Leftover Enchiladas with corn.
Wednesday: Chicken and Summer Squash Pasta Salad.
Thursday: Made Welsh Scones with my little helper. Leftovers for dinner because . . .
Tomorrow we are off for a round of family visiting and fabulous family food!

Paying for my raising

I asked my daughter this morning while brushing her teeth, "Were you designed entirely to make my life harder?"
"Yeah," she said, biting the toothbrush again.

Monday, May 22, 2006

In the Oven and on the Table

Monday: TexMex Rice and Sautéed Zucchini and Celery for dinner.
Tuesday: Chicken and Rice with broccoli for dinner. The little helper and I made "Vanilla and Chocolate Rocks," commonly known as chocolate chip cookies.
Wednesday: Pizza Beans for dinner.
Thursday: Made 2 loaves of "Buttermilk Honey Bread." Madhur Jaffrey's "Carrots, Peas and Potatoes flavoured with Cumin" and TexMex Rice for dinner.
Friday: Home made pizza for dinner.
Saturday: Made Beth Hensperger's "Blueberry and Lemon Bread with Lemon Glaze." Semmel knodel for dinner.
Sunday: Kaiserschmarren for dinner.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Measure once, cut twice

Toddlers are messy creatures. I always thought of them as the stickiest, grubbiest, little unkempt people on the planet. Even those among them most desirous of being clean seem always to be spilling or smearing everything on themselves and everyone in reach. I am a neat freak and have always dreaded toddlers. My own is no exception to the rule. She is messy and clumsy (though not to the extent I was at her age); a disaster waiting to happen. That said, if grape jam and snot must be smeared on my only clean blouse, there is no small person I would rather be responsible for it than her.
We are potty training and it is part of an exciting developmental stage. She wants to be independent (to a degree) and this is part of her learning to actually be so. This is the beginning of her taking ownership of her body. It is a stretching experience for me; giving up some of my control and dealing with a wider swath of destruction. No longer do we have a foul bundle bound for the garbage plus, worst case scenario, a simple pair of soiled shorts. Now it is a trail to the potty chair to mop up and a dozen soggy training pants. It is praise for making it to the toilet even though half of the effort fountained out onto the carpet. These messes on top of the food that hits the floor and the obligatory two spilled drinks per day have me clenching my teeth and trying so very hard not to raise my voice as I say, "Keep your toes out of the puddle and sit still on the potty chair!"
I don't believe I was cut out to be a mother. God and my daughter are cutting me out to be a mother. Sometimes it feels like there will be nothing left of me when the cutting is finished. Nothing left of me.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Is she trying to tell me something?

Is there a subtle meaning behind the way our daughter divides up her toy food? She always gets the strawberry icecream, Papa gets the chocolate and Mommy is left with the vanilla. But then Mommy gets two animal crackers to Papa's one. I guess she does see me eat more often than she sees him eat. And is there significance to the fact that I always get the lion and elephant while he gets the bear? I can hear my husband rolling his eyes and starting in: "Paranoia, paranoia, everybody's coming to get me . . ."

That's My Daughter!

She has started correcting her own grammar. Not just basic word choice but verb tenses. I am so proud! An English degree is never wasted.

Monday, May 15, 2006

In the Oven and on the Table

Monday: Madhur Jaffrey's "Spicy Baked Chicken," Oven Roasted Potatoes and Fresh Green Beans for dinner.
Tuesday: Baked Potatoes with all the toppings for dinner.
Wednesday: Baked a loaf of bread and some garlic rolls. Spaghetti, Garlic Rolls and Fresh Summer Squash for dinner.
Thursday: Texmex Rice and Broccoli for dinner.
Friday: Baked Mary Gubser's "Blueberry Sally Lunn." Calzoni for dinner.
The weekend was spent at my parent's house where I positively stuffed myself. I think of myself as a good cook, but whenever I eat my mother's hot rolls or pie crust I wonder why I even bother. She is unsurpassed! Happy Mother's Day, Mums!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I am currently reading Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning: An Approach to Distinctively Christian Education by Douglas Wilson (Wheaton, IL Crossway Books, 1991.). This is an excellent book about the purposes of education and the responsibility Christian parents have as they make decisions regarding the education of their children. I am often frustrated and embarassed by the impetuous and ignorant claims that "Christians" make regarding education (and a host of other issues). Douglas Wilson brings a good dose of logic to the argument instead of the usual song and dance: "I pay taxes so they better do as I say!"

Below is the first of what I hope will be more samples I give as I read this excellent book.

"It is curious that Christians are pushing so strenuously for prayer which they don't believe to be prayer. Christians pray to the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ - not to Allah, Krishna, or God-as-you-conceive-him/her-to-be. If we were successful in establishing Christian prayer in the schools, we would be violating the religious liberties of those who are not Christians. If we establish prayer that is not Christian, what have we gained?"

"If Christians object to secular humanism as an established non-Christian worldview in the schools, then it makes no sense to fight to establish another non-Christian worldview-worship of the God of the Lowest Common Denominator."

"Because our society is so diverse, there is no way to establish school prayer unless there is compromise on the content of the prayer. In our society, individuals from a multitude of different religions, denominations, and worldviews are enrolled in the public schools. This means that any prayer acceptable to the majority of all these groups would have all the doctrinal rigor of oatmeal. Students would learn to pray to a mush god; the god of the civil religion."
Pages 40-41

Monday, May 08, 2006

In the Oven and on the Table

Monday: Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and Broccoli for dinner.
Tuesday: Baked 2 loaves of "Buttermilk Honey Bread." (and dropped a bread pan) Leftover Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli for dinner with Hot Rolls and Fresh Green Beans.
Wednesday: Balsamic Beef Pasta Salad for dinner.
Thursday: Made a Crazy Chocolate Cake with my little helper and frosted it with a buttercream. Oktoberfest Pockets for dinner. And cake, naturally.
Friday: Leftover Balsamic Beef Pasta Salad for dinner with cantaloupe. Cake!
Saturday: Dinner at my sister's.
Sunday: Crustless Quiche for dinner.

I didn't think we ate leftovers so often until I started this blog. I am slightly embarassed.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The clumsy cook

I made some lovely bread today and burned my toes. How? Step 1: Remove the loaves from the oven and place on top of the stove. Step 2: Turn around in the tiny galley kitchen. Step 3: Remove the (hot from the oven) loaves from the pans onto the cooling racks. Step 4: Turn around. Step 5: Let a pan slip from the pot-holder grasp to shatter on and around your feet and the tile floor. Bonus Step 6: Instantly step on a flaming piece of glass and yell, "Ow, ow, ow, ow!" while looking at a chunk of glass burning a hole into the top of the left foot.
Okay, maybe not a hole, but an amazing and painful blister. Apparently, a quarter to half inch wide slice at the base of the big toe is not sufficiently painful.
All that "time saved" by cleaning the bathroom before my little helper woke up this morning was more than canceled out by the time spent sweeping, sweeping and vacuuming our suddenly huge galley kitchen. Not to mention the time spent for the foot's ice bath and wrestling the oven drawer out and in for thorough sweeping purposes.
When will I learn to wear shoes in the kitchen?

Monday, May 01, 2006

The absent minded cook

I neglected to mention that Sunday morning I made Marcy Goldman’s “Famous Vanilla Scones.” Scones can be a semi-quick breakfast. I combine and refrigerate my dry ingredients the night before and cut in the butter. The next morning I am able to quickly stir in my liquids, form and bake. Oh, the brilliance of my culinary tip is far too dazzling for a Monday morning!

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