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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Pros and Cons

Everyone has a blog, it seems. Many friends started them over a year ago. My husband started one last fall. I held off. I love reading blogs. I love to write, I think I even like writing this blog. But I like my privacy too, so that is why this blog is anonymous. But blogging hasn't gone as I expected and I think it is because I am anonymous. I don't have any readers because I don't tell anybody that I am here. There are parts of the anonymity I like. My mom doesn't read my weekly menu and fret that her granddaughter isn't getting proper nutrition (though don't you think it looks pretty balanced?). Nobody writes to criticize my use of time. My friends can't laugh about what I'm reading, watching or doing. (And maybe that says something sad about me: that I don't trust my friends enough to be completely honest.) I don't get hatemail for my bad grammar, discipline techniques, or sloppy blogging. This is safe! But how do you write to a faceless audience or no audience at all? How do you find any direction or motivation? And honestly? Even though "nobody knows about it" I edit myself here anyway. So I guess it wouldn't be bad to let a few people in on this oh so fabulous blog of mine. And if I don't have the guts to keep it real, I can always just stop, huh?


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