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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Purple Programming

Loyal readers are, I suppose, heartbroken at the hiatus of our usual programming. Where now do you go to scoff at menus, laugh at "photography" or weep over pitiful book reviews? I regret that I cannot promise you anything in the way of dependable programming here. The current reasons are multitude if not convincing.
: The library that holds the books I desire to read has a lamentable 2 week checkout period. That would have been just right back in the day, but it now takes me 2 weeks to read a chapter. Sadly, I am not the only one who wants to read It Takes a Parent so I cannot renew indefinitely as was my original plan.
Second: My camera was damaged and I will be picking it up from the shop this week only to take family/holiday pictures that won't be shared.
Third: I have started a part-time job, weekends only. This is actually my weakest excuse.
Fourth: I am up to my knees in craftiness for Christmas presents. Maybe that will be a post later. Maybe even pictures. A thought on craftiness: elastic is the very devil.

Now that you have waded through all that I will reward you with some recommendations.
First: the book of Ezra is a gold-mine of names (not for naming purposes!) to read to your toddler. Last night I was reading the third chapter (from a preschool translation) to the Eager Helper and she was quite charmed with Hebrew creativity. Today I expect the following names (which she can say with remarkable accuracy) to figure largely in her little gallop-around-the-coffee-table ditty routine: Zerubbabel, Shealtiel, Jeshua, Henadad and Jozadak.
Second: we are thoroughly enjoying a BBC adaptation of Dicken's Bleak House that I found recommended here.


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