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Thursday, February 08, 2007

If I don't come back

it is because I don't want "the new blogger." So go ahead and say you'd miss me. Oh, right, you won't, because I was never any kind of friend to you, huh? I was actually thinking today about a more personal post but this stupid "new blogger" rubbish has made me feel pretty crabby about the whole effort.
But I also wanted to share some cool mugs I found. Dunoon makes some really cool mugs and they have become an obsession with me. I was wishing for a mate to one very cool mug I have and so I googled the brand stamped on the bottom. Voila! And then I discovered that another mug in my cupboard (my very favorite mug!) is also made by Dunoon. I want all of them except the cat, zodiac and sport ones. Tell me you are hooked too?
Mmh. One more thing. I hate winter.


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